Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Eulogy for Star

Here was my daughter's eulogy for Star, mentioned in the previous blogpost.  It needs no further introduction so here it is:

"Star was a beloved family member. I know we are very sad that he has moved on. 

He will always be remembered as a loving fluffy feral cat. He always cheered every one up and was the best at giving cuddles.  

I have begun to realise through this grieving prosses that no matter what has happened to him, it was his time to go. I believe that Star is looking down on us grieving, wishing he could tell us to not be upset. He would want to tell us that he had gone some where else where he is happy and that he had gone on a new adventure. 

In the one of the Narnia books,'The Voyage of the Dawntreader', C.S Lewis wrote of a mouse named Reepicheep who longed to go to Aslan's country, Aslan's country representing God's country. When he finally did go to Aslan's country he was so happy. He was going on a new adventure where he did not need any kind of worry or bad things or pain that we have on earth. I think that it is the same for Star. Peter Pan also said that dying would be the greatest adventure. I have really become to believe that the people or animals that pass on are happy and that they have gone on a brilliant adventure with a wonderful time ahead of them. I also believe that animals live on in other animals. You never know, we might find Star in another cat it doesn't have to be the same markings or colours it the spirit that lives on in other cats. 

Thank you Star for letting us have wonderful times with you. Thank you for giving so much love and caring for us.

You have been the best cat, we feel so blessed that we got the chance to have you in our lives.  I hope wherever you are you are having a lot of fun and there is lots of tuna for you to eat.

I think I can say on behalf of all of us that you were loved so so much

Beth Ward"

In the LGBT community, pets can take on a huge significance, in particular when families split apart.  That pets can also heal and soothe wounds is perhaps less thought of.  Thanks Beth for what you wrote.  Here's hoping it might also bring comfort to anyone else who has lost a much loved family pet,

Hugs, Jane xx

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