Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Feet

 I've never been a great fan of my feet. I don't consider them pretty or dainty though I'd love to. I'm self conscious when wearing peep toes, I keep my feet covered. I'm a size six but I always think my feet look huge.  I hate the rough skin and my squished toes and nails from wearing the heels that I love.  I don't mind having a manicure, in fact I love it, it's so relaxing, and I love the result but pedicures are another thing entirely, until this week.

Girl's night out number 2 this year was a trip to the beauty salon.  We could choose 2 treatments.  A mani was an essential, I play bass, it wrecks my hands and nails, what more can I say!  Waxing & epilating is something I do myself continually, no need there, facials are the last frontier for a girl who hates being out without her makeup.  A pedicure was the only other option! Gulp.

 I am now so converted.  It was such an incredibly relaxing experience at the end of a long and tiring day.  From the relaxing, fragrant, bubbling foot spa, having my nails filed and shaped, to the exfoliating foot scrub, moisturizing, gorgeous foot massage and hot booties, I enjoyed every deliciously stress relieving moment.  I couldn't help smiling and going aahh! the whole time.

The bonus was my French nails.  I can now see my nails and not cringe with embarassment.  I can't help thinking that now I've done it once I'll be going back again....and again....and again :) if you've ever hesitated to have a pedicure done because you hate your feet, don't.  Pick up the phone and make yourself an appointment, you really won't regret it.

Now I just have to psych myself up to having a this space.

Robyn-Jane xxx


  1. They are very addictive although yet to have a French polish. As for the facial - you are missing out so much. They are so relaxing, you smell wonderful and you look amazing. What are you waiting for !

  2. Thanks Becca, I can't wait to book my next appointment now :)